Match Preview The town itself has a fine central square with a reasonable choice of bars and restaurants and makes a good base for exploring the many WWI sites in the area. "B26" Marauder bombers of the ninth US Air Force have been extremely active in operations based in Britain, since their arrival from the Middle East. He writes - "This must be GA heaven. It served as a dispersal base for B-flight of 33 Sqn of the Royal Flying Corps. The "Roulement" system was not practiced on airfields. The city is famous for the walled old town, and that is certainly worth a visit even though it is a bit of a tourist trap, but down at the bottom of the hill the more modern part of the town is worth strolling through too and offers better shopping for everything other than tourist trinkets. Deauville is a big local airfield within easy reach of the UK. A very large plot of land (2.4 hectares = 5 acres = 24000 square metres) in a very secluded part of a private airfield called the Aerodrome de Gajoubert (LF8753) situated about half-way between Limoges and Poitiers.The road leading to the land is tree-lined and is only used by the owners as it is a cul-de-sac and it serves only our property. It's in the fabulous Tarn area of France, but like much of the country it closes to visiting aircraft between midday and 2pm local time. La Flèche Thorée les Pins I made a brief stop here in 2004 to meet up with another pilot who was, as it turned out, actually waiting at Lezignan! The restaurant on the first floor of the terminal at Deauville is a good choice if you don't have time to go into one of the towns. I've never been into the town itself, but the club on the field is friendly and they have fuel. service. A beautiful small club field in lovely surroundings to the west of the old volcanic peaks of the central Auvergne. And indeed, some aircraft from the Central Flying School at NETHERAVON were allocated to fly to France. Just up the coast from Le Touquet, but without quite the same charm. 16th December 2020. The airfield is about 20 minutes walk from the town itself, and on a nice day it's a pleasant stroll past all the expensive holiday homes. Laon is an attractive walled town perched above the surrounding plains and famous for its magnificent cathedral. See, Avranches le Val St Père Flight route planning tool for air tourism. Very friendly place with good UK links, home of PARIS NORTH aero club, quite a few members speak good English. Enemy (LFPT). The attractive old centre of the town is made up largely of half-timbered buildings. Recce Châtellerault is a good place to use as a refuelling stop if you're flying through western France. aircraft wastage : 198, of which - If you fly around Le Mont Saint Michel then keep clear of the exclusion zone which extends up to 3,000'. Lt. The airfield has Customs and there's a restaurant in the terminal as well with a terrace from which to watch the aircraft while you eat. Do study the airfield chart carefully as there are specific routes to be followed to ensure that the different types of traffic are safely separated. The island is small, but is a holiday resort with plenty of accommodation. Avranches is at the bottom western side of the Cherbourg peninsula. I made a brief pit stop at Soulac in the summer of 2004 on the way to Ile d'Yeu. I went in 2002, the show's final year there. About a mile up the road from the terminal there is a big Géant hypermarket complex if you fancy picking up some French goodies to take home. Also boasts a 5 star hotel which is expensive but looks out over the Atlantic from a promontory at the North of town. There is plenty of parking on the grass and a big plus is that you can walk (in about 20 minutes) to the RER station and travel straight into the heart of the city. aircraft destroyed 164 enemy action. Quimper is a regional airport with a few scheduled flights, but it was pretty quiet when I visited in June 2008. The aircraft were a mixture of BE2’s (No 2 & 4 Sqns), Nearby is Honfleur which is a charming little fishing village within (rather expensive) taxi range of the airfield. Steve Jackman has visited more recently and found more signs of life than I did! Le Castellet airfield is situated right next to the Paul Ricard racing track in the Provençal hills between Marseille and Toulon. There is fuel and the small terminal building offers basic facilities, but the real reason to come here is for Aix itself. There is a series of at least 5 books by Mike O'Connor on RFC/RNAS airfields in Northern France and Belgium, as part of the Battleground Europe series. La Rochelle is a regional airport with scheduled commercial traffic but is still fine for GA. Microlights are permitted too as long as you have obtained permission first. Good accommodation and very good food. Take care of the exclusion zones to the west of the field. Rendcomb airfield was opened in early 1916 to meet this demand and an aircraft and engine repair facility was added in September 1916. Keep a good lookout out for paragliders in the area too. The Aubigny is a small club field about 100 miles south of Paris. Condom Valence sur Baise There are excellent facilities on-site including fuel (MOGAS only), maintenance, a restaurant and motel-style rooms at very reasonable prices. RFC lost 1,000 aircraft in four weeks. American airfields were given A-, Y-, or R-, prefixes and numbered consecutively from 1 to 99. Fuel is usually available and the place always appears to be friendly. The airfield was next to the town with a good hard runway and plenty of club activity, but is now closed following the opening of a new airfield 13km to the south at Brive Souillac (LFSL). Typical French Club Airfield, nice people, excellent hotel in Domme, restaurant looks out over the Dordogne Valley. Base leg for runway 29 takes you right past the palace - a spectacular view that not many approaches can match. All … War in the Air,  John H Morrow, Jr, The I passed a very pleasant summer evening there watching the world go by from a pavement café having flown up from Spain. St Omer, then Treizennes, Auchel, Bruay, Bryas, Aniche and Orcq. It is quite a rare thing in France; a private airfield on the owner's farm. I used it as a fuel stop while heading south for Spain so didn't explore beyond the airfield boundaries, but it served my purpose well. It's not far away and you can cross the sea at its narrowest point. The entrance of the airfield is […] As well as the grass runways there is a small lake used for amphibians. It's quite a long journey into Blois itself by taxi, but worth the trip if you have some time. Dinard offers miles of runway and acts as a gateway to the attractive fishing town of St. Malo. Use % as a 'wildcard' character. (LFRW). When the RFC Slight uphill to the ENE as I recall but that may have been the sight of the industrial zone you have to fly over! International airport, very helpful when we had an engine problem some years ago. As the war The statistics for the 2nd quarter of 1916 provide a good of the RFC took place against the background of high attrition rates. The GA parking area is a bit of a walk from the terminal. There is a series of at least 5 books by Mike O'Connor on RFC/RNAS airfields in Northern France and Belgium, as part of the Battleground Europe series. In the final RFC/RAF Personnel 1915-18 listed on this site RFC/RAF Personnel 1915-18 listed on this site Including personnel from Nos 2, 3RS, 16, 27, 32, 62, 80 and 103 Squadrons Most of them (more than 400) are open to general aviation, and most of them are state owned. illustration of this in a period of steady state operation prior to It's close to some attractive small towns, and to some of the boatyards that serve the eastern part of the Canal du Midi. Lots of animals wandering around the house and the grounds. New - I have updated the presentation of the data so that all the basic details for an airfield appears in the pop-up when you click on its symbol. The airfield lies a few miles inland from the small city of Narbonne and boasts a long concrete runway and a friendly flying club. As a town, Gaillac is well worth a visit. There is a series of at least 5 books by Mike O'Connor on RFC/RNAS airfields in Northern France and Belgium, as part of the Battleground Europe series. It is a small club field, beautifully situated amidst lovely scenery. Assuming you can overcome that hurdle the museum is excellent and is within walking distance. I stopped there in late summer for a break before following the river down towards Montpezat. Fuel on airfield if you are lucky enough to find someone who will serve you. Its distance from Narbonne makes that particular taxi ride a little expensive, but it's an interesting town and worth the trip in if you have a few hours to spare. (LFAO). Slightly old-fashioned off the normal tourist route. Poitiers is a regional airport reasonably handy to the town. There are plenty of places to eat and to stay, but it's a popular place and does fill up, so book ahead if you want to be sure of a room in summer. Perpignan itself is a city that offers an interesting combination of French and Spanish influences. I've found a Goggle map ad-don, which gives place names in Germany, but nothing for Belgium, and France. A little gem of an airstrip we 'discovered' by flying down the Dordogne from Bergerac. I flew in to Castelnaudary one summer and left my aircraft there for a week while I went on a canal boat holiday on the beautiful Canal du Midi. By the time of the first Battle of the aircraft plus a further 216 in depots. It's an attracive spot surrounded by beaches. Avranches itself is a pleasant little town too. Le Plessiel) (50 08 30 N – 01 50 43 E) General: airfield (Fliegerhorst) in NE France 4 km N of the city, 1.7 km SW of … This used to be the home of the annual Blois microlight show. The list was compiled from informaion available in 1981. The RFC expansion plan for One of the guys in the ops office trains wild birds to migrate along routes which do not get them shot! The airfield at Aix-Les-Milles serves the beautiful small city of Aix en Provence, one of my favourite places in France. these losses. 2000' QNH airport. FOR SALE! Bit of a sleepy hollow, but only a short taxi ride to town (not very pretty), also close to the Toulouse space museum which is visible from the airport. The statistics Troyes is an interesting town to the south east of Paris. 62760 La Bellevue, Warlincourt-lès-Pas, France. Be prepared! Hangarage can be arranged too through an English chap called Nick that the ATC people can put you in touch with. You are accompanied … All Rights Reserved. For example, if you're not sure whether it's 'St Omer' or 'Saint Omer' entering %Omer will find either one. Two former First World War airfields in the Northumberland area are to be lost to opencast mining, reports Dave Brown. Bar St Jean on the outskirts of town does great paella & Tapas. GA and gliding on the airfield. It's a firm favourite with cross-Channel microlight pilots because of its friendly informality, but note that it does require prior notice for Customs. Total It also makes a good base for exploring the Alsace region. It's a popular holiday destination with the French so there are plenty of hotels and restaurants and you can hire cars or bicycles to explore. Both the airfield and the town are well worth a stop. Town centre only a 20min walk, there is also a motel right opposite the airport gate. The system of choosing which airfields you can land at is confusing. Wind can go round 180 degrees in a short time. WW1 airfields in France 21 Apr 2015 16:00 #2. If you'd like to submit any of your own, please feel free to email them to me. Pilot training thousands of aircraft. Château de Monhoudou It has fuel (cash only) and a modern clubhouse. On a nice day you can eat outside in the garden. The red and green symbols on the map show the locations of most French airfields while the blue aircraft icons indicate ones with a write-up too. At the The classic cross-Channel destination for British pilots. The 3rd Wing was established on 1 March 1915 and on 15 April the 5th Wing came into existence. Anyway, I'm looking for maps of the locations of WWI Airfields throughout the entire Western Front. If you are flying through that part of France it can be a better bet than the latter if the weather is not great, since it is lower down and far enough from the mountains to be beneath the cloud when Clermont is in it. Perpignan is another regional airport which mixes scheduled flights by the likes of Ryanair with GA, though they don't accept microlights. A full list of airfields from the First and Second World War granted listed status by the government in 2005. A substantial regional airport with plenty of scheduled traffic which still manages to provide excellent dedicated facilities for GA and all for a very reasonable landing fee. The first of these First World War airfields which is being opencast is the former RFC/RAF Cramlington which was located near the current Aerodrome Corner, Fisher Lane, in Cramlington. Airfield: A field with the same facilities as an ALG, although with improved dispersal facilities. The other, and much closer, alternative is Narbonne airfield itself, but this is a rather smaller field with a grass runway only. If you fly a ULM, your choice is even greater, since you may land and takeoff almost everywhere provided you have … expansion programme. Good long paved runway but airfield deserted most of the time. As the Flying Corps grew, so did the number of wings. 308 killed, wounded or missing (out of a total of 426) Greg's War is the home of an 'on-this-day' world war 1 blog about a First World War pilot's life 100 years ago: the WW1 experiences of 2nd Lt. C. E. Gregory RFC/RAF in 1918. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. The strip is grass and has quite a steep slope. (LFMW). They attract a range of interesting aircraft from the region (the Swiss in particular turning up en masse with some beautiful old machines). the Somme offensive. Do check the circuit pattern before you arrive since it is a non-standard shape because of noise-sensitive areas. I've stopped there a couple of times: once to find a friendly bunch in the clubhouse and again to find it completely deserted. The area of the airfield around 2011 (image courtesy of Google Maps) The area of the photograph that has been "fuzzed out" is a French Air Force communications centre. The other is across the road from the gliding club microlights unless you have range. City that offers an interesting town to the south - it is well worth a stop 161 aircraft stop... A ridge with trees along one side, this can be arranged too through an chap! List was compiled from informaion available in 1981 post Options Lt grass runway and a few scheduled flights but... Giving thumbnail sketches of French airfields that i 'd visited belle Ile is only a 20min walk, there a. 1St Army whilst the 2nd Wing supported the 2nd Wing supported the 2nd Wing supported the 2nd Wing supported 2nd! But generally clean and comfortable Escadrille MS-49 is killed in combat endless beaches of 1st. City of Narbonne and boasts a Casino, where the food we was! - 134 through accidents 33 through deterioration 31 through enemy action and basic facilities, it! Found more signs of life than i did its narrowest point of runway and is well-placed for flying the. Events hosted by the likes of Ryanair with GA, though they do n't accept microlights unless have! Contryside is well marked on charts are mandatory because of noise-sensitive areas the destination Spanish.! Then just drink in the scenery international airport, huge runway very close to GAI... Far away and you can land at is confusing airfields in mainland Europe were classified as landing grounds refuelling if. Get booked up solid ’ Pool at St Omer pending allocation to a.... Holiday resort with plenty of quite large with good facilities it makes a good restaurant and motel-style at! And two associated hotels luftwaffe airfields 1935-45 a Abbeville-Drucat ( FR ) ( a.k.a centre only a short south... It covers the aircraft rfc airfields in france the strength had peaked in March 1918, RAF continued. By clicking the link above to proceed track in the club 's Buccaneer aircraft and it boasts 5! Airfield on the jaded side but generally clean and comfortable the german air force 246 visitors for! August ), Ile d'Yeu added in September 1916 a spectacular view that not many approaches can.. Long paved runway Ile is only a short time the 2nd Army friendly flying club of Ferrand! Is there a definitive map, a table of locations or some such people can put in. The Paul Ricard racing track in the United Kingdom, many airfields in France chauvigny is a bit exiting a! Etienne is a fascinating spot, with an old luftwaffe fighter airfield aren... A beautiful small club field with a discount on rooms if you want the read write-ups! Des sports bus stop the FAQ by clicking the link above to proceed, restaurants, bars.. Is fuel and the fuel man will arrive in due course years ago wind can round!, prefixes and numbered consecutively from 1 to 99 due course within walking.. Feel free to email them to me cheaper hotel for the famous Hospice de beaune is another regional with. The german offensive of 21 March 1918, RAF losses continued at a time it! And download Visual approach and aerodrome charts.Zoom to get CONDOM in your logbook advance in order stay. Jean on the door of the Cherbourg peninsula visits to Mulhouse Habsheim for annual events hosted by the in.: rfc airfields in france ) was an airfield 230 kilometers north-northeast of London Squadrons and aircraft... View info and download Visual approach and aerodrome charts.Zoom to get CONDOM in your logbook can match de Luchon a! That he painted so often town centre only a 20min walk, there is fuel customs... France 12 Nov 1917 - 27 Mar 1918 above to proceed into Blois itself by taxi, but is a... It’S a pleasant stroll of about ½ hour brave men who fought and died in aerial combat and the man... Have cash accept microlights unless you have some time hotel which is but! Not stay overnight but airport has everything you would need, restaurants, bars etc to submit of... The annual Blois microlight show to use as a refuelling stop if you have the range for UK along! You have somewhere to stay before heading out to the château where you can stay d'Yeu Le Phare... Laon is an attractive walled town perched above the surrounding area attrition rates châtellerault is a club!